VETERAN’S DAY 2013: WWII Soldier James H. Barwick {1925-1994} ARMY

James BarwickOriginal post: September 2, 2009 Wordless Wednesday: WWII Soldier James H. Barwick {1925-1994}

You talk about a girl with her chest puffed up!

Reading the Obituary of my Uncle James BARWICK {my Grandfather Willie BARWICK’S baby Brother} I recently learned that he was a decorated World War II Army Veteran! WOW!

Uncle James was known for being ridiculously handsome — which we can all see — but I never knew he fought in WW2?!

An excerpt from Uncle James 1994 Obituary:

He was a veteran of World War II, having served in the Army in the Amphibious Tank Corp as a mechanic. He was in the D-Day Normandy Beachhead in France, 1945. His Battalion was one of the first to invade the shore, and they suffered many casualties; he also served in Germany when the war ended. He received an Honorable Discharge and received numerous meritorious awards.

How cool is that?!

Of course, I couldn’t learn  of all this FABULOSITY & not start snooping around for his military service records! Lucky me {no pun intended!:-} I found the 1943 Cincinnati Enlistment record for  Uncle James!

Okay, now I just won’t be satisfied until I find a picture of Uncle James in uniform!

Stay tuned…

James & Mary BARWICK

Uncle James BARWICK & Wife, Mary
Rensler’s Photography Studio, Cincinnati, Ohio