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Where Honor Is Due

Greetings! I’m Luckie Daniels, a Historical Researcher originally from Atlanta, Georgia.

Since 1997, I’ve worked to trace my maternal African American lineage and slave ancestry. My genealogy blogs are Our Georgia Roots, Our Alabama Roots, and most recently, Daniels Is My Name – my paternal family line.

Where Honor Is Due is my concerted effort to aggregate our collective military genealogy into one search-friendly, portal. My goal is to make learning about my family’s Servicemen seamless, and to assure their sacrifice for our country is never forgotten. I’ve permanently timestamped their war-time and service contributions here.

As a non-military researcher relying on the expertise of others, links to online resources I’ve found helpful have been added. I’ve also shared similar African American Soldier Tributes that are not only inspiring, but culturally and historically educational.

Please support the effort of documenting and preserving our rich African American heritage — military and non-military.

The work today is vital, and affords us a history to share with generations of tomorrow.

Luckie Daniels


One thought on “Where Honor Is Due

  1. My grandfather, Stirling Stewart, was an officer with Company G of the 812th Pioneer Infantry. This company was made up of black soldiers. The officers were white. When I typed this information into Google, your entry came up. I have a photo of the company that was taken in the summer 1918 at Camp Grant in Rockford, IL and a roster with the names of the soldiers in the company. I also have a photo of the regiment marching in the Rockford July 4 parade (1918). I have done some research and many black soldiers were trained at Camp Grant. My grandfather died before I was born, but his sister told me that he was extremely proud of the soldiers of Company G and was always disappointed that they did not see action in WWI, so they could have shown their skill as soldiers.

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