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Military Mystery: U.S. Cavalry 9th Regiment Company G?


As “luck” would have it friends, I happened to find myself sitting beside a colleague, Rick Romancito (TEMPO Editor, Taos News) as he interviewed the owner of the above historic image.

“Gloria” purchased the image 40+ years ago from an estate sale in Los Angeles, CA. In 1994 she had the image appraised, details of which are included below.


I’ve enlisted the aid of my own personal military advisers, True Lewis (Army) of My True Roots and Bernita Allen (Air Force) of Voices Inside My Head to help track down details regarding these distinguished Servicemen. Now I enlist the help of our genealogy community!:)

We’d love to confirm service details and if possible, identify and call their respective names! Are they in fact U.S. Cavalry 9th Regiment Company G Servicemen?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know the origins of the medals they’re wearing so proudly and/or to connect this rare image to living descendants who would love to see their Ancestors in this light?

ALL feedback is welcome, so PLEASE do leave comments, ideas and thoughts.

There’s a good chance you’ll be seeing our Servicemen as an ongoing article in our local TEMPO section of the Taos News as we work through this mystery together.

There are less than 100 African Americans in the town of Taos. And to my knowledge I’m the only genealogist — let alone a researcher with African American military interest and a visible online presence. What are the odds that the owner (who I do not know) and I would find ourselves connected by this image?

These Ancestors have something to say people! Let’s do what we do best and help them.



15 thoughts on “Military Mystery: U.S. Cavalry 9th Regiment Company G?

  1. So you’ve checked this information against history of Buffalo Soldiers in that 1870 -1878 time frame? Just curious about your search and the connection of how this photo was found in L.A.. in 1994 … What Estate was it ??? I don’t know a lot but it certainly grabbed my attention. What little I do know the uniforms suggest 9th Regiment. In 1879 – 1881 there were a few SGT. of 9th Calvary; with medals of honor ( I’m sure you’ve probably looked at these ) They all seem to be in various parts of New Mexico Thomas Boyne, John Denny , Clinton Greaves, Henry Johnson, George, Jordan , Thomas Shaw, Emanuel Stance, Augustus Walley, Moses Williams, William Othello Wilson and Brent Woods; these were all in and around New Mexico.

    • Hi Rosann! Keep checking back. There’s lots of community input & several good leads we’re tracking. Looks like the medals our men are wearing are GAR medals for marksmanship! We’re still working to identify the location of the picture & names of our soldiers.

  2. Hi Rosann – since meeting the owner & discovering the image [roughly 2 weeks ago] we’ve begun research on the 9th Regiment Company G to validate (or not) the details that accompanied the image. The image was purchased 40+ years ago by the current owner; it was appraised in 1994 which is when she received the details I’ve posted. Given the purchase was many years ago & the owner is elderly, I don’t expect to learn much about the initial owner’s estate.

    We are looking at the Medal of Honor recipients however they appear to be from various companies, whereas the servicemen pictured are wearing the same company hats/emblems & medals.

    I will definitely post updates as the research moves forward. I’m hopeful we’ll be able to glean more about these soldiers.

    Thanks – Luckie

  3. I am still blown away at this marvelous picture. To think it just fell into your lap, the best person to resolve this mystery. The photo is wonderful and speaks volumes. Thank to the woman how purchased and saved it.

    • I visited with Gloria today & was left with the feeling these Ancestors have been in safe-keeping. She cherishes the photograph & respects the history. I’m excited! The fact our paths connected in this way, at this time, tells me just to follow the “nudge”. These Ancestors are in FULL control!:)

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  5. At first glance I thought perhaps this might have been the regiment that in which my ancestors served but unfortunately, mine were part of the USCT 6th Calvary Regiment from KY. Perhaps one day they will call my name. Best wishes with identifying the above soldiers.

    • As you know, we’ll keep a lookout for your men of service Ms. Mary. As we’ve seen here, when Ancestors want to come to light, nothing can stop them! Keep searching!:)

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