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Mystery Military: William STRINGER (b. 1930) of Atlanta Georgia

William STRINGERI don’t have any family history to help with my Cousin William STRINGER (b. 1930) — yet!:)

I know he was the youngest child born to John STRINGER and Missie DORSEY of Atlanta, Georgia. William is Cousin Elbert’s baby brother.

I’ve always loved this image of William given to me by his only Sister [and my family research muse], Johnnie Mae STRINGER LONG (1923-2011). William looked GOOD in uniform!:)

There’s much work to be done to honor William’s ARMY Military Service. I’d like to know if he had any wartime service and where William was stationed.

Guide me William.



Parents John STRINGER & Missie DORSEY

Robert & Johnnie Mae LONG

Robert LONG & Johnnie Mae STRINGER (it appears Robert too was an ARMY man!:)

Ozzie & William STRINGER

Brothers Ozzie & William STINGER


4 thoughts on “Mystery Military: William STRINGER (b. 1930) of Atlanta Georgia

  1. I’m looking at these marvelous pictures and I wonder what they were thinking? Why did the brothers hold/shake hands? What did that mean? Some code between them that only they or the family might know, a sign of unity perhaps? Was the picture of Johnnie Mae and Robert their wedding photo? I wonder where the photo of William was taken. I love these photos. Can’t wait to see what you find out about William and his time in the military.

    • Thanks Bernita! I’ve inherited the family’s images – from all sides. I’ve kept them under lock n’ key due to the way people online have been “borrowing” them without citing their names or unique info. I’m trying to be better. I couldn’t share William without his being supported by family right?!:)

    • Appreciate you Denise! It was so needed. I’m glad I didn’t delay because our military history is more at risk than our slave history — which I didn’t realize. This is far from a “nice to have”. Not if we want this history captured.

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