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U.S. ARMY Pvt. Elbert CODY III (b. 1894) ~ WWI Veteran of Warrenton, Georgia

Camp Gordon 1918-1919  - IPvt. Elbert CODY III (b. 1894) descends from a long line of Elberts in our family. He was Grandson [and namesake] to my 4th Great Grandfather, Elbert CODY (b. 1820), the son of Elbert II (b. 1847) and Lula CODY of Warrenton, Georgia. If you need help keeping up with our Elberts, just check here – A Tale of Many Elberts ~ CODY, DORSEY, DAWSON, WINGFIELD & STRINGER.

Elbert CODY III is my 1st Cousin, 4xs removed.

As I’ve shared, I was delighted to find Elbert and Zack JONES, Cousin Gwen’s Grandfather, being inducted together and sent to Atlanta’s Camp GORDON for war-training. I’d give anything to know what they talked about on that day or how they felt being sworn in. Or to hear their experiences as part of the newly formed Colored Troops!

Cousin Elbert served overseas from July 1918 to July 1919 with Company C 327th Service Battalion and was Honorably Discharged July 15, 1919.

He departed this life on December 3, 1950 and is buried at the Highland Park Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio; a Military Headstone marking his grave.

Camp Gordon 1918-1919 - IINegro Recruits Camp Gordon 1918

I’m still seeking to learn where he served and to find his name on an official Roster List. Finding historical documentation of our African American in service has proven to be quite the challenge, and was the genesis for my creating this blog.

Our men deserve better. They are deserving of honor and recognition for their service. We can’t allow their stories, service and memories to be blotted out of history.

As you can see, I’ve discovered more than a few images of Camp Gordon Negro recruits 1917-1918 online via the National Archives.

Who can say? I could very well be looking in the face of Cousins Elbert and Zack as they made their way to Camp Gordon!

I’m hopeful some of my CODY-DORSEY-JONES cousins will find a familiar face among these young men. Now wouldn’t that be something!:)

Elbert CODY III - WWI Service CardElbert CODY III – Georgia, World War I Service Cards, 1917-1919

Elbert CODY III - Army Registration CardElbert CODY III – Army Registration Card 1917

Camp Gordon 1918-1919 - IIIAfrican American Soldiers at Camp Gordon listening to another Soldier read 1917-1918

Camp Gordon GA 1918 - IVCamp Gordon New Recruits receiving instruction – 1918 Georgia


8 thoughts on “U.S. ARMY Pvt. Elbert CODY III (b. 1894) ~ WWI Veteran of Warrenton, Georgia

    • Thank you Stephani! I’ve ignored my Military Ancestors a long time while being heads-down on Slave Ancestry research. So long, I nearly lost an opportunity to capture their history! This work is long overdue!:)

  1. I’m so Glad you found these photos directly from his War and Timestamped it. Now it’s making me think of the Women of Color as well. I’m glad you were able to tell his Story with Direct Photos and Documents. Your War Ancestors are Truly being HONORED.

    • That’s my job True to hold the Ancestors down! When I can find narratives & imagery that COMPLETELY omit their presence – we have a MAJOR problem. I had to do something. Now I’ll just continue building with what I learn along the way.

  2. Our men and women who served in the Armed Forces do deserve better recognition. You are giving a voice to the men in your family that served. You are honoring them memory and service. The pictures are fantastic. They tell people that yes our men did serve this country. You are doing a great job honoring your men who served.

    • Thanks Bernita! I’m trying to make penitence for my failing to understand the crisis. I’m so thankful for you & True guiding me through this process. Be they family or community images they will ALWAYS be overflowing here. We need to see & share visuals. Our men CANNOT be blotted out of history. Not on OUR WATCH!:)

  3. Thank you for the information, I want to put together something to honor all the black men from Warrenton who have serve in our military. Any help you give will be very helpful.


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